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HYSEED Hybridcereals
Oats - breaking new ground
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Hybrid Cereals


Varieties Hybrid Cereals

New website: Find out more about HySeed Cereals!

We designed a new website and two short films for you to get to know the hybrid cereals breeding process within SAATEN-UNION.

More about HySeed wheat, HySeed rye and HySeed barley!

Please have a look at the new website: 

You will find interesting information about markets & developments, use of the crops, breeding processes, economy and as well some variety suggestions for Hybrid cereals like: hybrid rye, hybrid wheat and hybrid barley.

New videos about hybrid wheat production

If you would like to learn more about the breeding process of hybrid wheat, we also created two videos, that vividly show the hybrid wheat production in two short parts.

Part 1: Hybrid wheat production

Part 2: Hybrid wheat production

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