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We are the SAATEN-UNION – Franz-Xaver Zellner

My name is Xaver Zellner and I am the head of the SAATEN-UNION Experimental Station Bavaria in Grünseiboldsdorf near Moosburg.

When I have the opportunity to be out and about in nature, I love hiking in the mountains with my wife or we go cycling. I like to get up early and use this time to free my head and begin the day with replenished energy.

The constantly up-to-date weather data and soil moisture values are our daily tools for checking, documentation purposes and decision making. In our station, the data streams are strongly networked - Controlling is an important element of our daily work.

Our station is an agricultural testing station and we are part of SAATEN-UNION. We drill and harvest approximately 25 different types of crop over 300 hectares of arable land. The majority of our 50,000 test plots are used for variety development for our partners.

We closely collaborate with science through various projects.
We directly transfer the latest findings from this to the practical work of plant breeding and [… more]

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Further videos are also available from our YouTube channel (media centre)

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